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“Thanks so much for allowing me to introduce my facial plastic and cosmetic surgery practice to you. As your facial cosmetic surgeon, I focus on listening to you. I want to know what it is you want in facial changes and then I will help you discover what is possible. I am convinced that it is the combination of our good communication, our strong doctor-patient relationship, and my extensive training and experience that will get you the facial cosmetic enhancements that you are hoping for." 

San Antonio facial plastic surgeon,
John Morehead

Welcome to the San Antonio practice of John Morehead, MD, board certified facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Our practice specializes exclusively in rejuvenative surgery and treatment of the face, and is foremost committed to surgical excellence and the needs of our patients.

From erasing the lines of aging to sculpting a more pleasing feature, choosing the right plastic and cosmetic surgeon is essential. You need a highly skilled and experienced professional to help you achieve a delicate balance between art and science, and Dr. Morehead understands this balance. He and his dedicated staff will assist you in learning how you can achieve the very finest in facial enhancements. Browse this website to learn more about our practice and the services we offer, and feel free to contact us to schedule a personal consultation.